Write an Application to the Headmaster for Hanging two Electric Fans.

    12 April, 2018

    The Headmaster

    Englishfor2day O
    nline School. 

    Subject: Request for hanging two electric fans in the classroom 


    We, the students of class 9 of your school, would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that summer has already set in. The weather is quite unbearable and it is more severe in the classroom as there is no ceiling fan in the classroom. Due to excessive heat, we can hardly concentrate on our study. If two electric fans are installed, the suffering would lessen and we would be able to do our classes properly. 

    It is, therefore, hoped that you would be kind enough to sanction at least two electric fans as early as possible and oblige thereby. 

    Yours obediently -
    The students of class 9
    Englishfor2day Online School.