Write an application to your Headmaster for opening reading room in your school.
    June 24, 2018
    The Headmaster,
    Englishfor2day Online School.
    Sub: Prayer for opening a reading room.
    We beg to state that ours is a reputed school in the district with high traditions. But unfortunately, we don’t have any reading room in the school where we can spend our leisure time or recess period fruitfully. During this time, the students loiter here and there and remain busy in idle gossip. A reading room furnished with interesting books, daily newspapers, weeklies, journals or periodicals will surely help us form the reading habit and stimulate our thirst for knowledge.
    We, therefore, hope and pray that you would be kind enough to arrange for opening a reading room in the school at your earliest convenience.
    We remain -
    Yours most obediently,
    The student of
    Englishfor2day Online School.