A dialogue between mother and daughter about examination

Mother    : I received progress report of your examination.

Daughter : What is my progress in all subjects?
Mother     : You have failed in science subjects especially physics and chemistry.
Daughter : I know well about myself. I am very weak in physics and chemistry. I solved Biology and Mathematics papers well. But I am very sorry, I could not get good marks in physics and chemistry.
Mother    : Your progress in Urdu and Islamic studies is also not satisfactory and your marks are not more than sixty  percent.
Daughter : My all teachers are not in my favor.
Mother    : Do not blame them. They are your teachers. Your teacher Saima is very hardworking and other teachers are very fine. Your report shows that your are very lazy and careless. I shall tell your father about your bad progress in
study. What was the reason of your bad marks?
Daughter : I became upset when I read the questions. Because these questions were not studied by me.
Mother     : You should be ashamed of yourself. You have disappointed me.
Daughter : I am sorry, I promise you to study from today. My next progress would be excellent Mom.
Mother     : Promise?
Daughter : Yes, Promise Mom.
Mother     : Thank you. Work hard.