The conversation between 3 people about a friend wanting to apply to the university.

    Robert : Good afternoon, teacher, how are you today?

    Teacher :  Good afternoon, Robert. I am doing well. And you?

    Robert : I’m great, thank you. This is my best friend Jane. She  wants to apply to come to this university. She would like to ask you a few questions. Would you mind taking the time and telling her what process she would have to do, please?

    Teacher : Hello, Jane! It’s a nice to meet you. I am very busy today, as I am going to class now for the next 3 hours. Can you come  to my office for 9am tomorrow morning?

    Jane  : Yes, that will be no problem. Thank you for making time for me and speaking to me today.

    Teacher : Hopefully we will be seeing you at this university soon. See you tomorrow at 9.