Write a dialogue between you and your cousin about the importance of kipping daily routine.

    Myself: How are you getting on with your studies? How many hours do you study every day?

    My cousin: After the 2nd term end exam, I have not yet started studying. I do whatever I like. Because it is a free time just after the exam.

    Myself: What do you say? Don’t you have any daily routine?

    My cousin: What is it? What is the use of such a routine?

    Myself: A daily routine regulates the time table in a disciplined why so that we can make the best use of our valuable time.

    My cousin: Don’t I study enough and get good marks in the exam. So why should I keep a daily routine.

    Myself: It is good that you cut a good figure in the exam. But by keeping a daily routine you can lead a planned life and spend your time in a balanced way.

    My cousin: I think, I don’t need to study more. Studying lessons after lessons is not liked by me. I want to play and enjoy other things as well.

    Myself: this is actually the problem lying with you. You don’t understand the purpose and utility of keeping a daily routine. It doesn’t tell you only to study books. It tells a man to study while it is time to study and play while it is time to play.

    My cousin: is it? I am really sorry for having no daily routine. Would you please make me a balanced daily routine?

    Myself: Ok, I would certainly do that. Thank you for realizing the importance of keeping a daily routine.

    My cousin: It’s my great pleasure to continue a polite conversation with you and be benefited by it. All the best.

    Myself: See you again and hope for the best.