Write a dialogue between you and your friend on my going abroad for both earning and learning.

Myself: Hi! My friend, you seem to be busy. What’s up?

Zabir: Correct you are. I am really very busy to complete the procedures of going abroad. How are you getting on?

Myself: I am really in an ecstatic mood at my elder brother has got a very good job. But why are you leaving our dearest motherland?

Zabir: I am going about not only for earning but also for learning.

Myself:  What do you mean? I don’t understand. How can a man earn at the same time of learning.

Zabir: Actually I am going to Australia to complete my post graduate course in accountancy in Sydney University. Beside completing my education I would also get the opportunity to work for at least twenty hours per week.

Myself:  Wouldn’t it humper your sides? Would you get any job there before completing your higher education?

Zabir: You know its easy in Australia or in the European countries to earn side your main work which is impossible in our country. But it is a fact that I shall have to do the odd jobs.

Myself:  I think you’re undertaking a very wish and important decision on your life. I wish your success in foreign country.

Zabir: Please prey for me so that I can be crowned with success in my mission.

Myself: I take great pleasure to continue the conversation with you for so long. All the best.

Zabir: Thank you and see you again.