Write a dialogue between you and your teacher about the difficulties you face in learning English.

Myself: May I come in, sir?

My teacher: Please do.

Myself: Good morning, sir.

My teacher: Good morning.

Myself: I would like to talk to you about an issue.

My teacher: Oh, sure. Please proceed on.

Myself: You know sir I am interested in learning English. But I often face some difficulties in doing so.

My teacher: What are your main problems?

Myself: Sir, I can’t understand most of the text that I read.

My teacher: When you face such problems, you should at first guess the meaning of the words or phrases in the context.

Myself: It’s a very good idea, sir.

My teacher: Also you must consult at least one good dictionary.

Myself: I’ll do it. Sir, how can I improve in listening and spoken English?

My teacher: You must take parts in all pair works, group’s works in your class. Besides, you must listen to BBC, NCC, Aljazeera and other good English channels. Not only that, you should also practice if with your partner or partners. Sometimes you should even talk to yourself.

Myself: I see, sir. I am also very weak in written English. How can I develop in it, sir?

My teacher: For this, every day you have to write at least 1 or 2 pages in English freely. I think, if you do these things regularly for some months, you will certainly overcome your difficulties in English.

Myself: Thank you very much for your valuable advice and suggestions.

My teacher: You are welcome. Bye for now, see and talk to you soon.

Myself: Goodbye, sir.