The National Memorial at Savar is a very important place to visit. Many people go to visit the Memorial every day. Now, write a dialogue between Raful and Raihan about the national memorial.

Raful: Can you please tell me for whom the monument was built?

Raihan: It has been built to show nation’s respect to our valiant freedom fighters.

Raful: It’s very beautiful. I see there is a series of seven towers. What is the significance of it?

Raihan: The seven towers signify seven stages of our liberation war.

Raful: There are some graves too. Who were they?

Raihan: They were martyred freedom fighters. And then almost 3 million people embraced martyrdom.

Raful: So your nation sacrificed a lot for independence.

Raihan: Yeah, we are lucky that the freedom-loving people stood against the oppressors then and they came out successful.

Raful: So, how long was the duration of your liberation war?

Raihan: It was only nine months.

Raful: Only nine months! You are lucky to have your independence within a short span of struggle.

Raihan: But our struggle had begun much before the war started actually.

Raful: Thanks a lot for your information. Let’s move to another place.

Raihan: You are always welcome.