Suppose, Mina and Sabina were very good friends in their school life. Today they have suddenly met at a railway station almost after 20 years. Now, write a dialogue between these two friends about their career/ profession.

    Mina: Hi! Is it Sabina?

    Sabina: Hi! Yes, I am Sabina. But I did not make any late to know you. What’s up?

    Mina: I am quite well. I have a nice and caring husband along with two sweet babies. What about you?

    Sabina: I am also fine by the grace of Allah. Anyway, I have got an engineer husband and a son who reads in an English medium school. However, what are you doing now?

    Mina: I have taken teaching as my profession. You know, I like and enjoy this job very much. I have already become an assistant professor of a degree college. Have you involved yourself with any?

    Sabina: Yes, I have been working as a senior executive officer in a publication company named ‘Infinite Publications Ltd’.

    Mina: What’s your duty there? Will you please explain?

    Sabina: I am the main writer of English department. But in case of more emergency, I edit the questions and answer scripts. I am enjoying the profession very much because it is increasing my creativity.

    Mina: Oh! Fine. This is an excellent job without any doubt. Okay, no more today. Convey my best wishes to your husband and baby.

    Sabina: Convey my best wishes to your husband and babies as well. Take your care.

    Mina: You too. Bye.

    Sabina: Bye.