Write a dialogue between an interviewer and an interviewee looking for a job as a public relation officer.

Interviewee: Good Morning, sir.

Interviewer: Good Morning. Please have a seat.

Interviewee: Thank you, sir.

Interviewer: Can you please introduce yourself?

Interviewee: I have just completed my MA in Journalism from the University of Dhaka. I have stood second class 2nd in order to merit. I have got my result last week and this is my first interview.

Interviewer: I see you are quite new. So, how can you cope with this position?

Interviewee: I am confident about my capabilities. Besides, my academic background fully matches with the responsibilities of this position.

Interviewer: But everyone else in this position was well experienced.

Interviewee: Sir, experience is such a thing that can be gained only through elapse of time. And everyone has to start without any experience, but through his diligence he overcomes everything.

Interviewer: That’s true. But I cannot experiment with this position because this is a very sensitive position.

Interviewee: I know that and I hope I would handle all these properly if I am given an opportunity.

Interviewer: Then we have to keep you on a trial basis for a month and mind that you will be given only a lump sum amount. If we find you suitable, then we will appoint you.

Interviewee: That will be great, sir. I will try my best to prove my worth.

Interviewer: So, can you join on next Sunday?

Interviewee: No problem, sir.

Interviewer: That’s fine. See you on Sunday.

Interviewee: Thank you, sir.

Interviewer: Bye.

Interviewee: Bye.