Prepare a dialogue between a reporter and the principle of your college on the results of your college in the last HSC examination.

    Reporter: Good afternoon, sir.

    Principal: Good afternoon.

    Reporter: How are you, sir?

    Principal: I am fine. And you?

    Reporter: I am also fine. Can we please proceed to the interview?

    Principal: Sure, go ahead.

    Reporter: Sir, your college has made an excellent result in the last HSC Exam. I want to talk to you about the result.

    Principal: It’s all right.

    Reporter: Sir, how has your college made such a glorious result this year?

    Principal: To speak the truth, continuous efforts of our teachers and the system of our teaching have helped us to make this result.

    Reporter: Anything else, sir?

    Principal: Our good academic environment has also helped us a lot to do this result. We have a very good relationship between our teachers and guardians. It has also contributed much to this result.

    Reporter:  It’s very good, sir. Most of the students of your college have obtained GPA-5 and your college has secured the 6th position in Rajshahi Board. Isn’t it exceptional?

    Principal: You may say so. Our managing committee keeps a watchful eye on our academic progress. Our teachers always try to identify the weakness in various subjects of our students and take necessary steps to overcome it.

    Reporter: That’s very appreciable. We hope your college will continue doing such glorious result in future. Thank you for giving me some of your valuable time, sir.

    Principal: It’s all right. You are most welcome.

    Reporter:  Good-bye, sir.

    Principal: Good-bye.