A dialogue between two friends about their favourite TV programme.

Alam: Hello Babul, how are you?

 Babul  : I am fine. Thank you, and you?

Alam    : I am also fine. Why are you late? What were you doing?

Babul   : I am sorry for late. I was watching my favourite TV programme.

Alam    : What is your favourite TV programme?

Babul   : My favourite TV programme is CID.

Alam    : CID on Sony TV?

Babul   : Yes, you are right.

Alam    : I also like CID very much.

Babul   : That's great. Why do you like that?

Alam    : The programme is very thrilling. And it makes us curious to know what happens next.

Babul   : We can also learn many  things about detective investigation.

Alam    : You are right. Don't you like any other program?

Babul   : Yes, I also like Science of Stupid
Alam    : What a coincidence!

Babul   : That means you too like Science of Stupid.

Alam    : Yes. But my friend, we are getting late for coaching.

Babul   : Oh shit! I have almost forgotten it. Let's go.

Alam    : Move fast.