Write a dialogue Between Two Friends on Importance of Truthfulness

    Sujon: Hello hasib! How are you?

    hasib: I am not fine. What about you?
    Sujon: I am fine. But what happened to you suddenly?
    hasib: Nothing serious, but I feel somewhat unhappy.
    Sujon: What makes you feel so?
    hasib: One of my friends has lied to me. So I feel a little sad.
    Sujon: Oh, I see. That's very sad. Telling lies is a great sin. I always hate liars.
    hasib: Me too. There is no reason for telling lies. It is very shameful as well as degrades morality.
    Sujon: Exactly! But there are some people accustomed to tell lies for nothing.
    hasib: Yes, it seems that they do not know the universal truth — 'Honesty is the best policy.'
    Sujon: Yes, they also do not know that truthfulness is a great virtue, and we should always speak the truth in our everyday life.
    hasib: You are right. Though the truth is not always pleasant to hear, everyone should speak the truth.
    Sujon: Absolutely! False does not prevail in the long run. Today or tomorrow truth will come out and triumph over false.
    hasib: Yes, indeed. The victory of truth is inevitable and no mistake.
    Sujon: You are absolutely right. Thank you.
    hasib: You are most welcome. Bye and see you again.