Dialogue between two friends on Inter college football match
Sujon: Hello Raju! How are you?
Raju: I am fine. What about you?
Sujon: I am fine too. How did you enjoy the football match yesterday?
Raju: Oh! It was really an exciting game.
Sujon: Both the teams were equally strong.
Raju: You are right. Our players played tremendously well.
Sujon: I am one with you. Everybody played very well.
Raju: But it is only our goalkeeper who saved our face. He did the best of all.
Sujon: Exactly! You might have noticed that Aziz seemed tired yesterday though other days he played well. 
Raju: That's true. He also missed a few scores.
Sujon: If Sumon had not scored at the last moment, the history might have been different.
Raju: Right you are. He was the actual hero of the day.
Sujon: Have you heard that our Principal has announced that tomorrow all the players will be given warm reception for their grand victory. 
Raju: Yes. It would be very enjoyable.
Sujon: Thank you. Hope to meet you tomorrow.
Raju: Welcome. Good bye.