Dialogue between two friends on nobel prize
Sujon: Hello Jahangir! How are you?
Jahangir: I am fine. What about you?
Sujon: I am fine too. What are you thinking about?
Jahangir: Oh, yes! I am thinking about Nobel Prize?
Sujon: I see. Would you please tell me about Nobel Prize?
Jahangir: Surely. It's the greatest award in the world.
Sujon: Why is it called so?
Jahangir: It was named after the name of Alfred Bernhad Nobel, a great scientist.
Sujon: Who are awarded this prize?
Jahangir: This prize is given to the persons for their most outstanding contribution to six fields.
Sujon: What are these six fields?
Jahangir: These are Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Physiology, Medicine, Peace, and Economics.
Sujon: Could you please let me know for which contribution Dr. Mohammad Yunus has been given Nobel Prize?
Jahangir: Certainly. Dr. Mohammad Yunus has been given Nobel Prize for establishing peace through poverty alleviation.
Sujon: Thank you very much for such an informative discussion. 

Jahangir: You are most welcome. Good bye.