Suppose you have been informed that your younger brother is not regular in talking physical exercise. Now write an email to him to be regular in physical exercise. Think you are Tamanna.

    From: [email protected]

    To: [email protected]

    Subject: Advice for talking regular physical exercise.

    My dear brother,

    I’m astonished to know that you don’t take care of your health. You are also not talking physical exercise. Perhaps you don’t know that a good health is very much important. Without a good health, you cannot do any work properly. You cannot enjoy your life without it. Your life becomes a burden. Don’t you know that a sound mind lives in a sound body? Good health is the greatest wealth without which a man is not supposed to enjoy life. The happiest man is he who has a sound health. As you are a student, you must take care of your health. If you become sick during the exam, you cannot do well in the exam. So, to keep your body fit, you need to take physical exercise regularly. It will increase the blood circulation throughout your body. It will also make your muscles strong. As a result, you will be able to have a good physique which will pave the way for your success in future.

    No more today.

    Yours ever,