Suppose, you are Nila. You have a friend named Shima who lost her father last week in road accident. Now, write an e mail to your friend expressing your condolence on her father’s death

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Condolence massage.

Dear shima

I have just heard the news of your father’s death. The news has come to me as a bolt from the blue. It is a great loss for you. I don’t have any language to console you in this situation. But you should remember that ‘Man is mortal’. Today or tomorrow everybody must die. In course of time, You and I also will say goodbye to the world. So, I request you to endure this sad incident with courage. Remember, your HSC exam is near at hand. You must do well in it. If you lose heart, it will affect your performance in the examination and may ruin your career. So, take it easy for the sake of hard reality.

In the end, I pray to Almighty Allah so that your father’s departed soul may rest in peace in heaven. I always pray for you so that you can recover from this irreparable loss. No more today.

Your loving friend