Suppose you are Tina. Your friend Tarana is doing a project. He needs to help. Now compose an email sending him a link which can help do his project.

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: A link address of new ideas.

Dear Tina,

Thanks for your email. Going through your email , I have came to learn that you’re doing a project work on the Greenhouse Effect on the developing nations and that you need my help. I am glad to know that you have chosen such an important topic. The Greenhouse Effect is a serious problem for the developing countries like Bangladesh. And it is posing a threat of ore existence. Browsing the Internet, I came across a handy article on the Greeenhouse Effect on the developing countries. You can also check it out by visiting this link http:/ I hope this link will you a lot.

Wish you all the best.