The Value Of Discipline In Life
    Someone has said that the biggest word in the world is duty. Discipline and duty go together. Discipline involves obedience and control and can be exercised only under rigour. If you have your things all lying at sixes and sevens, not only will they present a disagreeable appearance but ill occupy more space and you will have a difficulty in sorting out the article required. If this is true of things it is all the more pitiable in men and their ways. For though the things will lie quiet where they are men not under control will walk helter-skelter and may create mischief. Notice big crowds at fairs. Notice the hustle bustle at a station or in the fire fighting multitude and you will see that management is essential before you can appreciate and enjoy a thing or do it effectively. Take the case of your own school. Imagine what will happen if there is no time table and you are called to you studies. The boys will appear a mob all through the day as they are in the recess and since they will not know what to expect or what to do at any moment they will naturally profit little.
    In the Boy Scout displays so many stunts and crafts are shown and one cannot imagine that 3,000 boys can show their respective parts all at the same time in the brief space of an hour. They move from one position to another and work at the sound of the bugle almost automatically at the double silently and methodically and that is the whole secret of their success. They call it a snappy show because it is quick and effective.
    Discipline in the army is very much insisted on for it has to be ever active and the soldiers must train themselves to scorn delight and live laborious day's before they can render an effective service any time. Disobedience there means death for in battle they have to pass through different phases from grave to gay from lively to server and a little cough a little fire a little negligence here and there might betray them.
    In your own life regularity is the underlying secret of success. Control your expenditure your habit your time and you are a successful man. In fact the whole working of the world is based on law and order. The police and the court control men and their doings. There are innumerable other departments established for on welfare but everywhere there is one head guiding and controlling and all others under him work with clock like regularity to bring their task to a successful issue. The collision of trains are due to slack discipline among men and in factories run by machinery a man is apt to lose his head if he sleeps over the job. Nature they say is erratic yet you cannot escape Nature's laws with impunity. Notice the incoming of seasons the phenomenon of day and night and even the constant beating of your heart and you will see what work is and how implicitly should be carried out before it is a complete success.