Wonders of Modern Science

    Introduction: Modem age is the age of science. We sleep on the lap of science. From our waking to sleep, we perceive the presence of science. It is offering newer and newer forms of embellishments for human life. The modem advancement largely depends on the blessings of science. 

    What is science? :Science is the knowledge about the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world, based on facts that you can prove. 

    Blessings of science: Science is a branch of knowledge. Science has brought immense blessings to us. It helps man to make his life comfortable and easy. Once the man was very helpless. But scientific knowledge and technology have enabled man to come out of his helplessness. In agriculture, communication, medical science and almost every field, man has got numerous developments with the knowledge of science. 

    The first wonder-electricity: The invention of electricity has created a revolutionary change in the history of human civilization. Electricity helps to run machine, factories or other heavy wagons. Electric fans, lights, and heaters have made our life more enjoyable. In fact, all the scientific technologies rest on electricity. 

    Telephone and mobile: Telephone and mobiles help to remove distance. They help man to communicate with others instantly. These also enable us to send messages or news across a vast distance within a second. 

    Radio: Radio is another invention of modern science. It is a machine by which we can hear the sound from any part of the world. It helps to hear, listen and get amusement and pleasure. 

    Television: Television is a wonderful gift of modern science. It enables us to hear sounds and see the pictures. It is highly related to our everyday life. Our present time can not be passed without watching television.

    In medical field: In the medical field, science has done unbelievable improvements. Blood transfusion and transplantation of other organs have become possible with the help of science. The invention of X-ray, ECG, Ultrasonography, penicillin etc. has brought immense escort in medical science. Again, the invention of food and medicines has lengthened man's duration of life on earth. ' 

    In agriculture: Our, agriculture has highly progressed with the help of science. It enables to invent a scientific method of cultivation which helps to produce bumper crops. The invention of tractor, insecticides, fertilizers and other instruments has revolutionized our agriculture. Our life has progressed immensely as our agriculture improves with the help of science. 

    In education and industry: Science has developed our education and industrial sector. The invention of printing, typing, binding, pens etc. has accelerated our education system. Science has invented complicated and heavy machinery. Our production has become multiplied. The invention of refrigerators, air coolers help to make our daily life comfortable. ' Nuclear energy: Science has brought innumerable advancements in nuclear energy. This progress has enabled us to use energy to embellish our daily life. The automatic energy is being utilized for peaceful and constructive purposes. 

    Conclusion: The wonders of science can not be described in words. It 1s like the Aladdin’ 8 magic lamp The contribution of science to our daily life is limitless. In fact, we can affirm that our daily life is embellished with the blessings of science.