My Dream Job as a Police Officer

    Everyone has a dream in one's life. One's life becomes successful if one's dream is fulfilled. I have also a dream of my life. My dream is to become a Police Officer.
    The reason of my having such a dream is that I want to contribute to the progress of law and order in this country. There are seen many criminal acts in the whole country and the common people live in terror and anxiety. So it is vital to punish the criminals for bringing social peace and order.

    I want to find our and arrest the criminals and take them under trial. I want to make examples of the application of law. I want to ensure that the people of my working area sleeps peacefully at night.
    My dream is also make an example to honestly and integrity in the department of police. Many police officials are corrupt and the pollute the office. I want to identify those corrupt officials and punish them creating example. Thus I want to make a role in the creation of a corruption free Bangladesh.
    On roads and street of the country, mobs, hijackers, antisocially, and others miscreant person commit crimes and thus make people's lives unbearable. I shall try my best to bring them under punishment and thus make all traffic routes safe and free of danger. I shall make the roads safe for all passers by and passenger.
    It is my dream to contribute to ensure the country's security by acting as a dutiful and active police officer. I'm now working hard to fulfill my life's dream.