Uses and abuses of Satellite TV

Introduction :Television is the most common and widespread source of entertainment of the present world. Television now telecasts a wide range of programmes aiming at viewers of all classes and all ages and their diverse tastes and demands. Satellite television has added a new dimension to TV programming and telecasting. In fact, satellite telecasting appears the whole world live in the box and entertaining us of all that is happening around the world.

Uses of satellite: Now, in the present world, with the advancement of communication and technology, people's tastes and interests have changed a lot. Television wonderfully and very effectively is satisfying people's interests and demand for entertainment and information. Television in general and satellite channels in particular air programmes of varied interest that people of all ages and all classes enjoy. Television programmes are not only entertaining; they are highly educative and informative too/

Business promotion : Television and particularly satellite television provides people with round the clock news service and keeps them informed of the latest affairs happening around the globe. Beside giving news, views and information on varies issue of the current world, television also shows reports and analysis on trade and e-commerce, business and industries economic and financial activities. Agricultural and weather, new discoveries and opportunities. So, business world, as well as researchers, get valuable support from TV. TV channels very often telecast games and sport live. In fact, watching games and sports on TV has become a source of recreation. And this also helps popularise games and sports.

Television plays important role in business world. Television show advertisement of different products and thus give them a wide recognition. Thus, it promotes business and commerce. Satellite channels have removed monotony of watching fixed items of programmes. In fact, today we have specialized satellite channels on almost every interest. There are some channels which broadcast only new round the clock, some only show cinemas. Some channels show games and sports only, some channels show only the discoveries and inventions of science and technology and again some channels are dedicated to traveling the animal world.

Anuses: For every invention, there are some demerits, television is not free from harms. Television has great influence on the young generation. In fact, many young people are addicted to watching television. It kills their valuable time that ultimately affects their study. Obscene and immoral films, drama or music and videos can influence the young generation to evil-doing. Indeed, satellite TV is now being seen as a means of cultural assault on developing countries by western nations. Spending a lot of time for watching TV also effects productivity and work efficiency. Much watching of color TV is also harmful to eye-sight and brain, and cause irritation, idleness, and sleepiness.

conclusion :As a source of news and information and as a means of entertainment and recreation, television is still very popular and its effect is far-reaching. It should be used for pure and harmless recreation and for constructing an ideal society. Thanks for reading. ☺