Composition on Value of Time or The Important of Tim

Introduction: Time is life and life is time. Time is more valuable than health and wealth. Art is long,  but time is short. Our life is nothing but a sum total of hours, days and years. Time once gone is gone forever. There is a Moral: "Time and Tide wait for none."It cannot be called be back even with all the wealth of the world.

Important for making good use of time:  Wasting is the root of all evils." An idle brain is the devil's workshop" goes a well known saying, Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo for the failure of his general to turn up in the nick time.
Students are the future hope and strength of a nation. Their life is the life of preparation for the struggle of future life. They should act upon the maxims. "As you sow, so will you reap and stitch in time saves nine".