Composition on The season you like most

    Introduction : There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Among them, I like spring very much. After the end of winter, my favorite season spring sets in. It comes with new life and enthusiasm. It is a season of dream and desire and so I like it most.


    Comparison with other seasons : Summer it a hot and warm season. Sometimes scorching heat is felt in this lesson and so this season is unbearable and intolerable. The rainy season is a season of rain and flood. And the flood causes untold miseries to lives and liabilities.  Autumn also assumes the characteristics of the faint season. During late Running, coldness is felt and unbearable coldness can be felt in the winter season. But spring is the moderate season. Neither much cold nor much heat is felt in this season.


    Season with leaves and flowers :  It is true that spring is the season of leaves and flowers. During winter almost all the leaves and flowers wither away. But during spring trees are in new leaves and flowers. Nature assumed a beautiful shape and people become romantic and imaginative.


    Season of Song :  Spring is a season of song. During the season the singing birds sing songs and make environment melodious. Besides, during this season, people feel like a singing song as surrounding assume wonderful color and shape.


    Conclusion : Though my favorite season spring lasts for only two months. It stirs up my mind and mentality. It leaves an indelible print on my mind. And also I cannot forget its influence as well as attachment all the year round.