Composition on the importance of newspaper
Ours is an age of modern science and technology, which has invented new ways and means for our comforts. Newspaper is a wonder of modern science, it is a moving mirror of the world we live in. it is a storehouse of knowledge of home and abroad.
A newspaper is a paper that gives us news of our country and different parts of the world. Carlyle called it the fourth estate. Indeed a newspaper has become an essential item to modern life. So newspaper reading very essential is our daily life.
A modern newspaper is a chronicle and an encyclopedia in miniature it is, in fact, a caterer of all sorts of news and views. People read them for both pleasure and benefit.
Businessmen read them to know the condition of markets. Sportsmen find pleasure in reading sports news. Films fans go through cinema pages to get entertainment. From advertisement columns, job seekers and traders get useful hints and information. Statesmen and political persons read newspapers to know political person read newspaper to know political currents of the world. Besides, newspapers have reasons; newspapers have become universal reading maters today.
Moreover, newspapers play an important part in our social and national life. They teach general publish and kelp to form public opinion. They publish grievances of people. A democratic government feels the pilse of the poople through honest criticisms of newspapers. Sometimes a newspaper publishes misreports or false reports. They lead to dangerous consequences. Some newspapers also spread propaganda. Sometimes they excite people in a wrong cause and thus mislead them.
On the whole, newspapers are reading is a very good habit. In order to keep ourselves up to date with news and views, we should read newspapers. Of reading a newspaper; otherwise we shall not be able to see things in their right places or perspectives.