Composition on My first day at college or a memorable day in my life
In our short life there are some events some days which cannot be forgotten. my first day at college is such a day it is. In fact. an unforgettable day in mu life.I was a student of Dhaka College which is one of best college in our country.
The thrill of pleasure which I felt on entering through the gate of my college on the first day beggared description. I went to the notice board displayed in front of the office and took the class routine in the midst of numerous unknown classmates. Then I went to the classroom and took a seat on the last bench. All the faces were unknown. I eagerly waited for the first class to start. It was a sensation of new life. a feeling of exciting youthful vitality.
The bell rang. In silent excitement we waited for the best professor to address us. It was our English class. After about a minute a good looking young man with long hair came with a register and a textbook. He called our rolls and marked us present. Then he started his lecture. He spoke in English. He said he would read with us English language. he explained the importance of English language. I also attended two other classes on that day. i found that in a college a single teacher teaches a single subject on which he or she is specialized. Then I went to the common room and found that many boys were reading. Newspapers and magazines kept on the newspaper and were also carom boards. Chess boards and ping pong tables for healthy recreation. On that day I also entered the college library and was struck at the sight of so many books. In fact my first day at college was a day of exploration.
My first day’s experience made me feel that I was no longer a school boy. Still I remember my first day at college. It was really a day of observing and experiencing new things.