Education Should be Made Compulsory

Education is defined by some scholars as a change in behavior as desired by the authority or an effective teacher. The holy Hadith says that if need be, the individual is to go to China for seeking knowledge. Seeking knowledge is compulsory for both men and women, also included in the holy Hadith .Education is compulsory for all and it has no alternative. Proper education builds up a proper man. But it must be proper education. Moral teaching can help us to be men of character. Academic education broadens our mental horizon and a country consists of many individuals. Education can build up the nation. Forty years ago we got our independence. But we have not achieved the economic freedom of the country. Without economic freedom, the independence has no value. So education is a must for all. In my opinion , education should be made compulsory for all. Necessary steps should be taken by the government in this regard.

 An educated nation can bring the prosperity and happiness that are desired by all. But we don’t have sufficient school now. We have a lot of people in our country. More schools and colleges are to be set up. Again most of the people of our country are poor. They cannot afford the tuition fees .Education is a must for all . And it must be compulsory. But a hungry man cannot attend the school. A hungry man is an angry man .Child labour is prohibited in our country.  A boy is termed as a child till be arrived at the age of 16 . Some parents strave . They are disabled. They cannot work. They depend on his son of 12, so the boy is bound to earn by any means for himself and his aged parents. Education must be compulsory. But starving children cannot learn. We need compulsory education for all. But our present economic system is an obstacle in this regard .If needed, rationing system may be implemented for the poor but brilliant students. Education should be compulsory. But necessary steps should also be taken in this regard. If these are done, hopefully our nation will prosper quickly.