My Leisure Time

Leisure is the time when a man is free from routine work and can do whatever he like best. In a word, it is a temporary relief from the monotonous routine task of our daily life. People like to spend their leisure in their own way. Village people spend their leisure by flying kites, fishing, playing, swimming and gardening. City people spend their leisure by shopping, reading books, watching television, using computer, going park and zoo. In the high competition of education, we get little leisure time. Whenever I get time, I read books. I enjoy reading very much. Detective stories and biography of great persons are my favourite topics. I also like visiting unseen and unknown places. But it is not possible without parents’ company. My another favourite leisure activity is watching TV. Discovery and National Geography are my favourite channels. I also like cartoons. We have a garden behind our house. I want to work there in my free time but my parents don’t allow me to work there. However, I spend my leisure time with great merriment.