My Favourite TV Programme
    TV programme is a programme of entertainment or enlightenment telecast by Television. Television is a wonderful invention of modern science. It has brought the world closer to us. It gives us both picture and sound. We can see and hear various programmes from a great distance. There are numerous channels on TV and numerous programmes are telecast by them. My favourite channel is Discovery Channel and my favourite TV programmes is the ‘Wild Life’
    The most popular TV programmes are songs, dances, dramas, films, games and sports etc. These are mostly entertainments. These are mostly entertainments. There are also different sports programmes telecast on TV channels. Sometimes live events are telecast with live commentary. Many people like these programmes because these are highly entertaining. But I like the programmes of Discovery Channel because they are entertaining, educative and informative.
    There are different educative and informative programmes on Discovery but the TV programme that fascinate me most is the ‘Wild Life’. I like this programmes very much. Movie, drama, magic shows etc are entertaining but none of them are real. But ‘Wild Life’ shows all the real things. Real tigers, real whale, real lions and real jungle.
    I not only enjoy programme as a mean of entertainment but also can learn many thing from the commentary of the programme. Wild life, their food habit, their living place, birth, nature, threat all are described during the programme. These descriptions enrich my knowledge about wild life and forest. Sometimes, I come to such information which I could never thought neither could learn from any other source.
    I like such programmes and suggest my friends to watch them. I am not against movies, dramas or dance shows but we should watch such programmes that increase our practical knowledge. A lot of thanks to Discovery Channel for such a nice programme.