Tourist Spots of Bangladesh

We, the human being, remain busy life long. We always get ourselves engaged in work. Sometimes we become bored for such monotonous work. So we want some relieve from this. And to be entertained mentally and physically we go to visit some tourist spot. It should be mentioned that where people go to make a trip for enjoyment is called a tourist spot. Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. There are many tourist spot in our country. The tourist spot of Bangladesh may be distinguished in two classes. One is historical place and the other is natural places.
  Among the historical places: Lalbag Kella in Shonargaon, Mohasthangor in Bogra, Shatgombuj Masjid in Bagerhat, Mujubnagar in Meherpur etc. are famous. These spots have become very popular to people. These places not only give us joy and refreshment but also remind us our history.

  Among the places of natural beauty: the Sundarbans, the biggest sea beach of the world Cox’s Bazar, tea gardens of Sylhet, a vast part of Chittagong Hill Tracks etc. are mainly known. These places have become famous not only in our country, many people from all over the world come to make a tour here.
Besides these there are many other places. Kuthi Bari the house of Rabindranath Tagore, Sagordari the house Michel Modhusudon Dutt, Uttara Gonovobon in Nator etc. are also very popular and famous sight in our country. Whenever we go there, they soothe our eyes and please us with their charming beauty. But there are some problems. The govt. should think over these problems. The main problem what the tourists face is security. Another problem is lack of additional facilities such as accommodation.
Now-a-day tourism has become a great source for our economy to earn foreign currency. So the govt. and the authority concerned should take immediate step to attract the tourist of home and abroad. And we the common people should inspire our kith and kin to have visit across the country.