The Natural Beauties Of Bangladesh

    Nature seems to have lavishly bestowed on this land all her beauty and bounties. It is truly called the ‘treasure trove’ of nature.

    Bangladesh is very rich in flowers, vegetation and green fields. The blue sky, the green fields, the yellow corns have an unending fascination for all. Seeing the uncommon beauty of Bangladesh Jibananda Das, our Bengali poet exclaims with ecstatic joy, “I have seen the beauties of Bangladesh. So I no longer want to seek the beauty of the world.”

    The beauties of Bangladesh have been praised greatly by the travellers. The green plains and meadows, the rivers, the clear blue sky, the scenes of hills and mountains have made this country unequal in the world in natural beauty.

    The Padma, the Meghna, the Karnafuli and many other rivers have criss-crossed the country like nets. These rivers have added to the beauty of the land. The scenes of the boats plying in these rivers present a magic beauty.

    The beauty of nature changes with the change of season. Six seasons appear here with their special appeal. In the rainy season fields are filled with water. Nature wears a festive look in spring. Trees are decorated with new leaves and flowers.

    We have some places with uncommon scenic beauty which always attracts the tourists. Cox’s Bazar, Kaptai, Sylhet, Hill tracts and the Sunderbans among others are blessed with most enchanting natural beauty.

    The hill tracts of Rangamati, Kagrachari and Bandarban with evergreen tropical forests present a nice view. There are many waterfalls in Bangladesh. The waterfalls of Jaflong, Madhabkundu in Maulivi Bazar and Suvalong in the district of Rangamati present an unforgettable scene. While travelling through the zigzag hilly roads the tourists enjoy the superb beauty of the hills and the deep forests of Bangladesh.

    Cox’s Bazar has the largest natural sea beach. Bathing and swimming in the waves of the sea during tide are a lot of fun and excitement. It is called the ‘pleasure seekers’ paradise’. A range of green hills runs along the beach along 96 km. The silvery beach with evergreen hills in one side is the tourists’ ideal dreamland. The waterfall of Himchari near the beach beckons people.

    Kaptai lake ringed with evergreen tropical forests presents a captivating scenic beauty. Sylhet is known for the tea gardens. The green tea gardens along slopes of the hills are really picturesque.

    A range of evergreen tropical forests stretches along the coastal belt of southern Bangladesh. It is called the Sunderbans. The Sunderbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is beautiful with its attractive flora and fauna. The Royal Bengal Tigers and spotted deer of the Sunderbans present an unforgettable scene to the tourists. Numerous small rivers have criss-crossed the Sunderbans.

    Kuakata Sea-beach in the southern Bangladesh also holds out a great attraction to the tourists. The tourists find immense pleasure when they visit Saint Martin Island in the Bay Of Bengal. The beauty of this small Coral island and Cheradwip near St. Martins’ island beggars description. The beauty of Teknaf hills with evergreen forest and the Naaf river along the Myanmar border is attractive. In addition to these sites, there are many beautiful places in Bangladesh.

    The natural beauty of Gazni garo hills in Sherpur, Chimbuk and Keyakedong hills in Bandarban are really attractive. While enjoying the scenic beauties of these places, the tourists forget the wearies and troubles of life for the time being. All these make the land a romantic rendezvous for the tourists.