Duties and Responsibilities of Students OR, Students and social Service

    Student life is the best time of our life. The future of a man depends on his student life. It is called the seed time of life. He should prepare himself for the battle of life. Study is the main duty of a student. He should go to the school and read text books regularly.  He must study from the beginning of the session. He will prepare his lesson regularly. He will make notes himself. He must not depend on his tutors in all matters. He should abide by the rules of discipline. He should make proper use of time. He must put off his lessons for tomorrow.

    The student should take part in co-curricular activities. During his leisure period a student read newspapers and magazines. It will increase his general knowledge. He must know what is happening in the world. He must remember that if he does not acquire knowledge properly, he will have to suffer in the long run. He should take part in games and sports to build sound health.

    In these days study alone is not enough for a student. They are a part of society. So they can not remain aloof from social services.

    The students have youthful vigour and energy and inspiration. In a backward country like ours there is sufficient scope for students to render social services. Our country is beset with problems like poverty, ill-health, illiteracy and superstition. The students can do many things to remove these things.

    The students can tell the farmers about the importance of scientific method of cultivation. Population growth is a great problem in our country. Students can tell the general masses to adopt family planning and check population growth.

    They can play an important role to eliminate illiteracy from the society. They can utilise their vacation in giving basic education to the illiterate people. They can setup night schools in their villages.

    The students can encourage the poor people to send their children to school. They can tell people the evil of early marriage and dowry system by arranging seminars and discussion. They can make people aware of the problems of environmental pollution. They can convince them not to use polythene bags and other harmful things.

    They can encourage people to plant more trees to save our environment. They can also build strong social resistance against drug addiction, child-trafficking, gambling, women repression, acid throwing and eve-teasing.

    The service of the students in field of national health is very important. Female students can teach the illiterate women folk how to keep their houses clean, how to bring up their children and take care of their health. The people of our county suffer from various diseases. They can teach the illiterate people how to keep environment clean. Students can teach them the basic rules of health and sanitation.

    The students can play a vital role in removing men’s sufferings in times of natural calamities. During cyclone or flood many thousands of people become homeless.  Then their sufferings know no bounds. The students must stand by the affected people. They can raise fund and distribute relief goods and medicine to thee affected people. They can make arrangements for feeding and clothing them.

    Through social service the students can acquire practical experience which will help them in their practical life.

    The students are free from the cares of anxieties of life. They are also free from corruption. So people will be easily motivated by them. Through social services they can become familiar with the problems of our country. They will also learn the lesson of living humanity through social service.

    The students are the future leaders of the country. So, social services will help them devote themselves for the welfare of the country. If the students take part in social services, people will become aware of many social problems.