Your Favorite Leader: Bangabandhu Or An Ideal Leader
Introduction: independent Bangladesh and the independent bangalee nation cannot be thought of without sheikh mujibur rahman. He loved the people of this country very much. The people also loved him and called him “Bangabandhu”. He is my favorite leader.
Birth: this great leader, the architect of independent Bangladesh, was born on 17th march, 1920 at Tungipara in Gopalganj district. His father is Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and mother Sahera Khatun.
Boyhood and education: in his boyhood he was active and courageous. He used to protest against wrong deeds.
After his education at the Gimadanga Primary School, Sheika Mujibur Rahman got himself admitted into to Gopalganj mission High School and passed Entrance from there. There after he passed B.A. from Calcutta Islamia College.
Sheikh Mujb and Liberation was: a little after the creation of Pakistan it was evident that we were not really independent. In 1948, Urdu was declared the state language of Pakistan ignoring Bangla, the language of the majority people. The student community protested. A meeting of the State Language Committee was held on 16th March, 1948 in the Dhaka University. Sheikh Mujib presided over this meeting. He became the General Secretary of the Awami League in 1953 and formed the United Front in co-operation with sher-e-bangla A.K. Fazlul Haque. Sheikh Mujib became a provincial minister under the United Front Govt. But this government fell due to Pakistani conspiracy and oppression was let loose on the Bangalees. Martial law was proclaimed. Bangalees lost their political right. Sheikh Mujib started movement for recovery of the lost right and declared historical six point demand.
“Agartala Conspiracy Case” was started involving Sheikh Mujib as the chief accused. There was an upsurge of mass movement and Ayub Govt. was compelled to release Sheikh Mujib and withdraw the “Agartala Conspiracy Case”.  In the general election of 1970, the Awami League, under the leadership of Sheikh Mujib, won maximum seats. But the Pakistan Govt. did not hand over power to the Bangladesh. On the 7th March, 1971 Sheikh Mujib declared in the Suhrawardy Udyan, “The struggle of this time is the struggle for liberation, the struggle of this time is the struggle for freedom”. This thunderous declaration inspired the Bangladesh. Pakistanis were bewildered. On the midnight of 25thMarch, 1971 Pakistan army feels upon the sleeping Bangalees and started genocide. Sheikh Mujib was arrested and taken over to West Pakistan. Before his arrest he declared the independence of Bangladesh.
While Sheikh Mujib was a captive in Pakistan, our Liberation war started. He was not present in the freedom struggle, but yet his absence was more inspiring. He brought the Bangaless freedom and the Bangalees gave him honor, which they did never give to anybody. He returned to Bangladesh on 10th January, 1972 and took over charge of the government.
Characteristics: Sheikh Mujib was the symbol of hopes and aspirations of the Bangaless. Strong personality, obstinacy, determination and indomitable courage were his characteristics.
Conclusion: Sheikh Mujib was a pure Bangalee and a genuine leader. He and Bangladesh are inseparable. His protest, courage and liberal humanity are examples to be followed in our national life. But it is regret to say that he along with the members of his family was inhumanely killed by some ambitious and power-greedy persons and a small section of army of the 15th August, 1975 but this historic great leader remains alive in the heart of the Bangaleee.