A Paragraph About A Selfish Giant

    Once there was a selfish giant. He had a very beautiful garden in front of his place where he lived. He went to his relative’s house and stayed there for some days. In the meantime children played in the garden. One day when the giant came back, he saw the children playing freely in his garden. This made him seriously angry and he drove them away. He built a huge wall round the garden to stop entrance into it. So the children could not play. Then the garden become lifeless without any flower or bird. Though it was the season of spring, winter prevailed in the garden. The giant found no trace of spring in his garden. Then one day he could hear the chirping of birds and looked out of the window. He saw that children were playing in the garden. It was full of flowers and birds. He come out of his castle into the garden and seeing him coming, the children ran away. At once the garden became lifeless again with cold. He could realize the matter and felt sad. Then he allowed them to enter into it and play freely. The garden immediately regained its life with flowers leave. From that time the giant and the children become close friends.