Write a letter to your friend about your visit to a zoo
    Dear Sharmin ,                                                                                                                         
    How are you? I hope you are well. Today I have taken pen and paper to write you about an interesting event. Few days back I had paid a visit to the National Zoo.
    You know that during last vacation I went to visit my uncle’s house in Dhaka. I, my parents and my uncle-aunt went to visit the National Zoo at Mirpur, Dhaka. After buying entrance ticket, we entered the zoo. At first we saw the cages of monkeys. They were playing with the visitors. Gradually we saw many animals. There are tiger, elephant, peacock, lion, snakes, leopard, giraffe and many more animals. I also saw the Royal Bengal Tiger which is famous all over the world. I got a rare chance to ride an elephant in the zoo. The area  of the zoo is so big that we got tired. Then we took our food that was brought by aunty. We spent the whole day in the zoo. Then we returned home in the evening.
    The day will always remain fresh in my memory. It’s all for today. Don’t forget to write me.
    Your loving friend


    Village: Malotinagor
    Post: Dhubil
    P.S: Dhubil
    District: Sirajganj
    Village: Dhubil
    Post: Dhubil
    P.S: Salanga
    District: sirajganj