Write a Letter to Your Friend Recollecting Some Past Memories with Him
25 May, 2015
Dear Farjana,
Winter is nearly here again. I remember the wonderful winter we all spent together. Everyone called us the ‘fabulous fours’. We were nearly always together talking to our experiences, eating peanuts and chips and looking out at the cold wintry weather. How full of fun were the times when we played badminton or rode our bicycles!
Unfortunately so much has changed in our lives. It has been five years since we were all together. Each and every one of us is now too busy to look up another’s whereabouts. I got your address while I was going through an old diary. May be you do not even live at this address still I am writing in vain hope of contacting you.
After father had died my family had to return to the village. I too had accepted my fate no matter how unhappy it made me. If you get this letter please write. I hope you have not forgotten me. I will be eagerly waiting for your letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.  
Yours ever,
Sujon Ahmed