Write a Letter to Your Son Letting Him Know the True Identity of a Gentleman
25 May, 2015
Dear Son,
I want to tell you about the identity of a gentleman. Hope you will improve yourself by going through this letter of mine. It is true that the quality of a man does not depend on his outward appearance, dress and manner. Generally it is believed that a man in fine dress is a gentleman. Even he may deserve appreciation for his external pose and manner.
But the real thing, in a true sense, is that an attractive figure of fine clothes is not the symbol of modesty. He may conceal his real character. He may in some respects be brute and savage inwardly. So, external appearance or figure cannot be a standard to comprehend or judge a man whether he is gentle or not. A person is regarded as a gentleman usually if he practises honesty and tolerance.
Fine dress or ornament may help a person to become gentle but if he lacks in morality, he is not admired in the society. So, to be truly handsome, a man has to prove himself through his actions, modesty, honesty, tolerance and sympathy. An evil minded man cannot be considered handsome in the society. Remember the old saying that all that glitters is not gold. So, you should not be misled by the outward appearance. No more today,
Yours ever,