Write a Letter to Your Friend Living Abroad Describing the Rainy Season of Bangladesh
    25 May, 2015
    Dear Sujon ,
    I have just got your letter. You have wanted to know about the rainy season of Bangladesh. The rainy season comprises two months called Ashar and Shrabon. The south-east monsoon blows over Bangladesh during the summer. The heat of summer evaporates the sea water. This vapor cools and condenses into clouds. The sky remains overcast with dark clouds. It starts raining in torrents.
    Sometimes, it rains for some days. All the roads are submerged and covered with mud and they become slippery. Excessive rainfall is one of the causes of floods in our country. Crops are damaged by floods. Our government has taken some measures but the problem lies elsewhere. All the corn fields of the country go under water and the villages of Bangladesh look like islands. Thank you.
    Your loving friend,