Write a Letter to Your Younger Brother Advising Him to Be Disciplined and Attentive to His Studies
25 May, 2015
Dear Sohag,
It was quite long since we had received any letter from you. Yesterday your progress report of Second Semester Examination from your principal reached to us. We have become very shocked to know from the report that you have failed almost in all subjects. We had although a high opinion about you, but you disappointed us greatly. I am sure that you keep bad company and while away your time.
You should remember that time once gone can never be got back and bad habit once formed is not easy to give up. I would like to remind you that we belong to a middle class family. Our educational expenses are borne with great difficulty. We have to stand on our own feet.
We must not do anything which pains our parents. You should know that only the fittest survive. Time is not long ahead when you will have to earn. Without proper education you cannot expect to get a good job. Student life is the proper time to get proper education. So, you must be sincere and regular to your studies. Wishing you all the best.
Yours ever,