Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing a Marriage Ceremony You Attended Recently
    25 May, 2015
    Dear Sharmin,
    A few days ago, I had the opportunity to enjoy the feast and festivities arranged on the occasion of the marriage ceremony of the daughter of one of our rich and respected neighbours. The bridegroom’s party arrived at the bride’s house at 7.45 pm. When it had reached the entrance of the gate, a band of little boys and girls barred the door refusing the entrance. The children had to be won over with sweets and tips to secure entrance. Then the bridal guests were given seats. The bridegroom was given a special seat.
    A little while later sweet sherbet was served to the guests. Now arrangements for solemnization of marriage began. But differences arose between the two parties over the terms of marriage. At last a settlement was reached through the match maker. Thereafter, the Quazi recited verses from the Holy Quran and solemnized the marriage. The bridegroom now stood up and saluted the guests and his new relations.
    Then the guests were given a rich and delicious dinner. At about 10 pm, it came the call for ruyyat ceremony. When the ruyyat was over, the bridegroom left the house accompanied by his newly wedded bride. I was feeling delighted that the occasion gave me an opportunity to meet many people at one place and to enjoy a pleasant evening. No more today.
    Yours ever,
    Sujon Ahmed