Write a Letter to Your Friend About a Street Accident You Have Witnessed Recently
    25 May, 2015
    Dear Shamim,
    I had the grimmest shock of my life the other day. A few boys of about 10 to 12 were playing with a tennis ball in a corner in the park opposite to our house. Suddenly one of them jumped over the railing and ran into the middle of the street. Just at this time, a private motor car was passing along the place. The boy came right in front of it so suddenly and so unexpectedly that the driver had no time to stop the car before it was too late.
    A loud cry of alarm was going forth from the people around. Along with a few others, I ran up to the place of the accident and helped to bring out the body from under the car. We also formed a ring around the driver in order to protect him from molestation. He was not at all to be blamed for the tragedy.
    Within a few minutes the police arrived at the spot and took the car and the dead body to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The sickening sight has upset me so much that it rises up before my mind’s eyes even now and fills me with horror and pity. May the departed soul sleep in peace. Accept my love and best wishes.
    Sincerely Yours,