Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing How You Are Staying and Enjoying in Your Village Home
25 May, 2015
Dear Sharmin,
I am glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself in a tea garden of Sylhet. I am here in our village to which your letter was redirected. I was reluctant to come here, but having done so I feel very happy. Born and brought up in Dhaka as I was, I had never known this village where my father and grandfather had lived. It is such a change for me that I have already liked the place so much and taken decision to spend the rest of the time before the publication of our result here in this village.
The air is fresh here. Here are lots of fresh vegetables that we can eat. My grandmother takes a keen interest in cooking and making cakes. There is a well kept pond beside our house. My cousins’ take me for a dip everyday and I am trying to learn swimming. The local high school is not far from here and the school has a library. I am getting lots of books to read. Write soon as you can. Best luck.
Yours ever,
Sujon Ahmed