Brain Drain

Brain drain is a tendency among the educated people to leave the country and go abroad for better opportunities. Generally the highly trained technical and scientific personals like doctors, engineers, teachers and skilled labour try to go abroad for more salary and better living condition.

Life in most of the developing countries of the world is very difficult. There are problems in getting the basic demands of our daily life. So many people do not find good respect for themselves and their children in the country. They are attracted by the lucrative picture of life abroad. Some think that their merit is not recognized at home. Brain drain is a great gorge/gap in our country. Lack of educated and trained people hampers educational system, administration and developmental works in the country. The country spends a lot of money to educate parsons. If they go away, the country does not get any benefit from them, rather the foreign countries get the benefit. So brain drain should be checked by discouraging highly qualified people from going abroad and giving them facilities in our own country.

We should allow proper scope and opportunities for the educated people and give proper recognition to their merit. Also the patriotic feelings among the people should be awakened and there should be devotion to duty and love for the country. Only then we can solve the problem of brain drain.