Early Marriage

Early marriage is one of the social problems of Bangladesh. Girls in the villages are the main victims of this social vice. In the socio-economic perspective of Bangladesh, this problem is quite common in the lower class, lower-middle class families of the villages.

Early marriage leads to conjugal and family conflicts, premature motherhood which ultimately leads of many health complexities causing the death of both mother and baby. Various factors are responsible for early marriage. Gender discrimination, poverty, lack of standard education, superstitious beliefs and lack of knowledge of rights are mainly responsible for this this problem. As birth of a girl is not considered a happy event, parents try to get rid of this problem as early as possible. So, they get their girls married off at a tender age before reaching their physical and mental maturity. Sometimes young boys are also victimized by the parents to fulfill their desires. But it does not bring a good result in their life rather it nips the lives of the young boys and girls in the bud. Early marriage spoils their mental peace and physical fitness. Besides, it is also an important cause of population growth of Bangladesh. So, early marriage should be stopped to save our future generation.

Government and non-government organizations should come forward to remove this problem for our country. Moreover, mass media can play significant role to raise awareness among the general people. Early marriage can never bring happiness in a person’s life. So, we all have to be conscious in this regard.