World Heritage Site

A World heritage Site is a place which is recognized as a place of historical importance by the international community. When such a place is under destruction, the world community declares it as a world heritage site to preserve it in its original shape.

There are three world heritage sites in Bangladesh. They are the Shatgombuj Mosque, the Buddhist Vehar and the Sundarbans. The Shatgombuj Mosque is situated at Bagerhat. It was built by khan Jahan Ali, a pious man and the founder of Bagerhat town. The Shatgombuj Mosque is one of the oldest and largest mosques in Bangladesh. The majar of Khan Jahan Ali is situated near the mosque. The Buddhist Vehar is a 7th century structure meant for the prayer house of Buddhist. It is the largest monastery in Indian subcontinent. It is also considered as a center for education and knowledge. The other world heritage site is the Sundarbans. It is the largest and most beautiful forest in the world. There is a variety of life and wilderness. The spotted deer, The Royal Bengal Tiger are special attractions of this forest. It is an attractive tourist spot in our country.

If I get any chance, I want to visit the world heritage sites of our country. Indeed, the world heritage sites are the significant assets of the whole nation.