Campus Violence

The place within an educational institution is known as its campus. It is a sacred place where students and teachers gather for educational purposes. For this reason the environment of a campus should be calm and quiet. But campus violence spoils that environment.

Violence means unrest situation or terrorist activities. We often hear the news of campus violence. Government and public educational institutions are the main victims of campus violence. In the pre- liberation period, the student politicians led the nation in ‘52’ ‘62’ ‘69’ ‘70’ and finally in 1971 and also in the mass movement of 90. But now student politics has lost its image. The students now only think about their self-interest. The political parties are using the student politicians for their benefits. They are supplying arms in the hands of the students. The student politicians are also becoming careless. They don’t care for other students and teachers. Thus campus violence occurs. Campus violence has a great impact on the students. Unwanted and sudden closures hamper regular classes and examinations which lead to session jams. As a result, the students loss valuable years of their lives. In past years, many promising lives were lost due to the violence.

To stop campus violence student politics should be restricted within limit. Guilty students should be punished strictly. Student politicians should think about the interest of the whole student community. They must not forget that their first duty is to study. Political parties should also be conscious about their strategies. Thus we all together can stop campus violence which is a burning question at present.