A Railway Compartment

A railway compartment is one of the separated divisions of a railway carriage or coach. It is of different types, sizes and accessories. The amenities and comforts inside a compartment vary depending on the class it belongs to. A third-class compartment has closely set benches with no cushion. It is usually without any fun and many other comforts. A first class compartment is provided with all amenities of modern life. A second class compartment is neither as comfortable as a first class nor as disagreeable as a third class one. There are also air-conditioned compartments. It is the most comfortable of all the compartments. There is a toilet attached to each compartment. There is also a chain in the wall of each compartment. In case of emergency, people pull it to stop the train. Passengers travel in these compartments according to their ability.

In Bangladesh a railway compartment, in general, in crowded, dirty and unhygienic. The number of compartments available is far too less compared with the number of passengers. As a result a compartment is always congested with passengers and their luggage. It is often full of hue and cry. It is stinky as well. Passengers smoke at random causing hazard to the non-smokers. People sometimes spit here and there and some of them vomit. With all disadvantages, some people can be seen reading newspapers or having a nap while some others can be seen looking outside though the window enjoying the beauty of nature. Anyway, a railway compartment should be neat and clean as much as possible.