Adopting Unfair Means in Examination
    Copying in the examination is called adopting unfair means in the examination. It is a great problem in our country. It is a national problem. None can support it because real education is not possible through adopting unfair means in the examination.
    There are many causes behind this copying in the examinations. Some of these are defective examination system, student politics, unsuitable syllabus, lack of qualified teachers, dishonesty of teachers, lack of teaching atmosphere, lack of public awareness etc. Many teachers cannot teach the students properly. The students are also not attentive to their studies. They only want to cross the stairs of examinations. As a result, they cannot earn real education. So, the nation will fall into darkness in case of our failure to solve the problem. Some measures should be taken immediately to stop copying in the examinations. At first, our education system should be modified. Our sense of morality should be developed. Public awareness must be raised against copying in the examination. Exemplary punishment should be given to those who are involved in copying.
    The government has already taken some measures such as interchange of examination centers, forming vigilance teams, checking body etc. The result is that unfair means in the examinations have already been reduced much. It is a good sign for the progress of the country.