My Experience of a Rainy Day
A rainy day is such a day when it rains all day long without any break. It generally occurs during the rainy season. It rains cats and dogs on a rainy day. A rainy day looks dull and gloomy.
This year I had a very pleasant and memorable experience of a rainy day. This was the day when my school had re-opened after the summer vacation. The days were unbearably hot sultry. Outside it was really scorching heat. I was going to my school in the morning by a rickshaw. It was quite hot and uncomfortable. Soon the sky became overcast with big and dusky clouds. There were thunders followed by flash of lighting. It grew dark soon and temperature suddenly dropped down low. Then it began to rain heavily. The clouds thundered and poured water. People were drenched but happy and so was I. I protected my school bag and then ran into a nearby fast food shop for shelter. Some passersby had already taken shelter there. It was raining continuously for one hour. The roads, streets and other place got flooded very soon. The traffics came to a halt as there was knee deep water at many places on the roads. I was drenched to the skin and my school uniform was dripping but I felt much delighted getting cool and fresh.
When the rain stopped, I decided to return home. As I walked slowly, I noticed that everything had changed. Everything looked new and fresh. However, I reached home, changed my cloths and had a cup of hot tea. I enjoyed it as I had never before. It filled me with a sense of some indefinable pleasure and satisfaction.