Climate Change

Climate change has come to an alarming state now. And this is caused by environment population. Everyday a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases are produced by burning great amount of fossil fuel. These gasses retain the heat coming to earth form the sun and thereby increase the world-temperature. As a result, the polar ice caps are melting day by day and the sea-level is rising up. Ozone layer is getting decayed and thereby harmful ultraviolet ray is coming to this earth. Consequently, people are becoming the victims of fatal diseases. So, many low-lying countries are at the risk of being flooded. Different types of natural disaster are occurring frequently. And the consequences of these disaster on earth are serious. Coastal areas are losing fertility and cultivable land is becoming salty and barren. Many wild species have already been extinct and some are faced with the threat of being extinct. So, it is high time we undertook preventive measures to save this beautiful earth.